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                  HAIR CARE

                                                 best hair care products for the whole family


Hair vitamins in form of gummies suitable for vegans were created to satisfy the needs of our customers. We have combined effectiveness, convenience, as well as a delicious taste in a form which is ideal for vegetarians and vegans.



At the Marion laboratory, our specialists take care of maintaining the standards of manufactured cosmetics, conducting scientific research, control activities and microbiological studies. Marion cosmetics are appreciated both by customers and juries granting prestigious awards.

Model with Curly Hair

                   ZEW FOR MEN

Replace traditional bottle shampoo with our natural ingredients Hair Soap. Perfect for home use, travel or barber shops.

            HAGI BABY HAIR 

Smiling Baby

Mother Nature Offers us wonderful treasures taht we use to  create our products. We believe in simple formulas based on local  and natural raw materials. We took inspiration from plants oils rich in countless conditioning ingredients.

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