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BYĆ MOŻE ... SUMMER IN PARIS - ultra feminine, ethereal composition, teeming with sensuality, where the aromas of fresh pears and plums boldly flirt with unique flower chords: orchid, rose and jasmine. Perfumes also have the notes of amaranth and vanilla. The whole is seasoned with distinct notes of musk. Classics and playfulness of the fragrance results from a combination of sophisticated floral notes with refreshing fruit. Sensual cocktail enhances the beauty and delicacy of feminine nature, embodies the unique character and magical charm of Paris, difficult to name, even more difficult to grasp.

BYĆ MOŻE ... SUMMER IN PARIS – is an excellent choice for the warm summer evenings. Experience the charm of summer elegance in a classic and feminine formt.

The product of 10 ml capacity packed in an original, classic bottle and a carton box


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