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Today it is possible thanks to Quiskin – Quick & Professional Makeup Remover.

Without unnecessary preparation, by using Quiskin and water only we are able to remove make-up professionally within only a few minutes leaving our skin clean, vital and beautiful. Important is, that you can use Quiskin – Quick & Professional Makeup Remover for four months.


  • The innovative structure of QUI – fibre reaches all corners of the skin removing the stubbornness makeup, perfectly purifying it and lightly exfoliating, and leaving your skin with a luxurious feeling. The oval shape and comfortable size enable smooth and precise cleaning and convenient packaging permits easy storage of the product regardless if you are at home or on the move. The product is reusable up to four months. The product is dedicated for those who appreciate living in harmony with nature, on the basis of modern technologies, quality, easy of use, comfort and efficiency.

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