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When your period finishes, the level of estrogens increases and stimulates natural production of hyaluronic acid and collagen. Your skin is glowing! It better retains moisture, and is firm while pores seem smaller. Cream 2 has a nourishing effect, supports natural skin renovation processes and main- tains its well-being. The multivitamin complex stimulates cell regeneration.

Before and during ovulation, when your skin is radiant, go for nourishment and use PHASES 2 cream with A, B8, H and E vitamin complex, musk rose, jasmine, daisy and squalane.



Use in the middle of the cycle, when you are just before or during ovulation, and your skin is glowing. Apply the cream on the cleansed skin of the face and neckline.

Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. As it contains retinol, it should not be used during pregnancy.


Vitamin A, B8, H and E complex active support to cell renovation which stimulates the skin, provides energy, improves blood circulation.
Beta-glucan an ingredient naturally occurring in the skin with soothing and protective qualities.
Chestnut extract stimulation of blood circulation and anti-ageing effect.
Extract from white daisy flower petals, jasmine and rose – an ingredient which offers a feeling of softness, improves the skin appearance and moisturizes.
Musk rose oil this rich in vitamins C and A, cold-pressed oil has anti-ageing and nourishing effects.
Squalane an ingredient obtained from olives, having high biocompatibility with the skin.


Volume: 30 ml


  • Beta-glucan is a valued ingredient in cosmetology and a natural composite of the skin. With age, as a result of the influence of external environmental factors, especially UV radiation, the skin loses its defense against pollution and microorganisms. The skin's natural defense system is weakened, making it more sensitive. The local application of beta-glucan stimulates the natural defense system of the skin and reduces its sensitivity. Thanks to the use of beta-glucan, the skin becomes healthier, younger and regenerated.

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