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Natural bath powder with orange, clove, and vanilla oil, and common marigold petals. Shea butter contains natural allantoin, vitamin E and EFA. Sweet almond oil leaves the skin slightly oiled, regenerating the lipid layer of the epidermis. A warm, aromatic bath with expertly selected essential oils and petals of powerful marigold conditions the skin, regenerates, and lifts any feeling of tiredness after an active day.

For dry and normal skin.

Weight: 400 g


  • A herbal ingredient known and cultivated in Poland, its flowers are very rich in biologically active compounds, mainly carotenoids that neutralize free radicals, but also phytosterols, mucilage, organic acids, vitamin C, and mineral compounds. Common marigold is used to heal all kinds of epidermis damage, and to treat dry and red skin. It helps the skin regenerate and maintain a young look.

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