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Natural bath salt with amyris, patchouli, and lime oil enriched with ylang ylang and bergamot scents.
Himalayan salt is the most commonly found salt on Earth, and at the same time, the richest in micro-elements. Expertly selected essential oils make your bath cleansing, relaxing, and revitalizing, and remove any feelings of exhaustion. Recommended after a hard day at work to restore your strength and start a quiet evening.


Weight: 1200 g


  • The purest salt in the world, devoid of environmental pollution and additives. It is mined by hand in Pakistan at around 500 m underground from salt deposits formed hundreds of years ago, after the oceans dried up. This salt, which ows its pink color to iron oxide, contains trace quantities of many elements. As with every other bath salt, it cleanses, regenerates, and conditions the skin. A Himalayan salt bath also relaxes the muscles and regenerates the entire body.

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