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Natural Dead Sea salt with eucalyptus, lemon, lavender, and grapefruit oil. Bathing in mineral-rich salty water infused with a special selection of essential oils conditions your body and gets rid of any tiredness and stress. Harmonizes, purifies, and refreshes thebody and mind. It calms you down and makes relaxing in the bath a pleasurable experience. Recommended after intense physical activity. Restores the strength and wellbeing. Its thoroughly refreshing scent aromatizes the air.


Weight: 1200 g


  • Obtained through evaporation of water from the Dead Sea. Bathing in water with Dead Sea salt revitalizes tissues and deeply cleanses the skin, absorbing excess oil and removing dead skin cells. It also stimulates blood flow, speeds up the natural process of excreting toxins from the body, supports natural regeneration of the cells, regulates the skin’s hydration, and prevents premature aging. Dead Sea salt contains 8% sodium chloride, 53% magnesium chloride, and 37% potassium chloride, as well as smaller quantities of sodium, chromium, zinc, manganese, copper, iron, and others. In addition to the chlorides, as anions, this salt also contains bromides, iodides, sulfates, and carbonates.

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