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Inspired by the changes appearing on the skin under the different hormone levels during the cycle, we created Hagi PHASES – three specialized formulas corresponding to the unique needs of your complexion in the menstrual, follicular and luteal phase. PHASES are our invitation to a mindful and gentle care in the rhythm of the cycle.

We are all different and we feel differently in a given phase of the menstrual cycle. Observe your skin and apply cyclesensitive care in line with the cycle. You can use PHASES creams one after another, choose your favourite or combine them depending on the individual needs of your skin.

  • Cyclesensitive face cream Phases 1 intensively moisturizing, embraces your skin with natural protection against water loss.
  • Cyclesensitive face cream Phases 2 with a nourishing effect supports natural skin renovation processes and maintains its well-being.
  • Cyclesensitive face cream Phases 3 containing anti-acne components and a mineral UV filter SPF 10 cream, soothes and protects your skin when you need it most.


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