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After the ovulation the level of estrogens decreases, and that of progesterone rises, so before menstruation you can notice blemishes. During this time your complexion also becomes more sensitive to irritation and UV rays. Cream 3 regulates the sebum, slightly dries, soothes the skin and contains a mineral UV screen, leaving a delicate, white film.

Before your period, when you need regulation and soothing, use PHASES 3 cream with anisic acid, safflower oil, niacinamide, buchu extract and an ecoskin synbiotic.



Use at the end of the cycle, when you are before your period, and your skin needs protection and regulation. Apply a thin layer of the cream on the cleansed skin of the face and neckline. If you have dry skin, apply an additional layer of PHASES 2 cream or use PHASES 3 cream topically.

Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.


Ecoskin complex a combination of pro- and prebiotcs which stimulate protective qualities of the skin by optimization of the microflora.
Anisic acid and bisabolol a complex of ingredients with strong anti-bacterial effects.
Niacinamide vitamin B3, which has anti-flammable effects, regulates excessive seborrhoea and evens out the colour.
Buchu extract an ingredient reducing the sebum, minimizing the pores and mattifying the skin.
Mineral UV filter protection against harmful exposure to the sun.
Safflower oil an oil soothing skin inflammation, which regulates excessive perspiration and has a smoothing and softening effect.
Squalane an ingredient obtained from olives of high biocompatibility with the skin.


Volume: 30 ml


  • It is an ingredient obtained from Barosma betulin leaves. It significantly reduces the amount of sebum produced, being able to modulate the action of sebocytes, reducing enlarged pores and mattifying shiny areas of oily skin.

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